Monday, 11 April 2011

Tracing a website using command prompt – hacking tip

Tracing or Routing a website using command prompt. This tip is only meant for educational purpose. I mainly use this trick to find out the hosting provider where a particular domain is hosted.
Follow the below steps:
1.   Start->Run->CMD  ie; open Command prompt
2.  Type the following command and press enter.
in the above command, enter the desired website name.
Once you press enter, it tell you where a particular domain is hosted, Location, Country and some details of that domain.
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for this trick if this is used in a wrong way. I didn’t invent this method rather I myself found it somewhere else. Do not use this for Hacking purpose.

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I am not responsible for this trick, when used in the wrong. I did not invent the way, before I myself found it elsewhere. Do not use this for hacking purposes.

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